The Cnesta Search Model is a retained service approach to search for key positions. Our focus is a comprehensive experience for both clients and candidates that provides the following all inclusive services for each search.

  • Process begins with in-depth discussions, and where practical, on-site visits with clients to learn about the business, identify desired profile and gain an appreciation for the  culture within the organization to expedite the search.
  • Preparation or amendment to the position specification, posting and establishment of final desired profile.
  • Meet with candidates that will be presented for consideration following in-depth discussion, screening and where practical pre-reference through extensive network.
  • Summary candidate addendum based on the Cnesta consultant's interview and other data to give insight into candidate style, job history, career goals, compensation and flexibility regarding location, package, travel, etc.
  • Final candidates all take multiple assessments that include ASSESS®, CriteriaOne® DISC, Business Values and Motivators (BVM). These assessment tools may change based on position level, culture and profile. Summary of results is added to the candidate addendum.
  • Following final selection an ASSESS® Development Report is generated that includes development suggestions, a framework for goal setting and action planning. The Cnesta consultant will continue to work with the new employee to segue between goals in their new role and action plan through several months.  The method and timing will be agreed to by the new employee and their Cnesta consultant/coach although they will typically meet or have discussions monthly.
  • Formal assimilation process is also available to assist with on-boarding, set the stage and facilitate team communication and development.